FLAM (Foreign Language Assosiation of Missouri) will be held once again in St. Louis on October 19, 20012. Registration will be open through October 15th. Visit the Flam Website for more information: http://www.flamnet.org/joomla/
For those of you already registered, if you are needing a carpooling ride, please contact Alma Pettenger.

January 2012

Sonja Baldwin, FLES teacher of Spanish at Boyd and Field Elementary Schools, in Springfield, MO shared a beautiful essay "Language Is A Gift" with district language teachers attending the December Curriculum Institute. Her presentation was made even more special by her giving a tiny gift box to each teacher to hold in their hands as she read aloud. Her essay was published in the January 2012 newsletter of the Foreign Language Association of Missouri. Read "Language Is A Gift" and be reminded that what you do as a world language teacher IS important.

News in 2011

Middle Schools Connection:
Carver Middle School finds us looking at Kerry McNichols' Spanish classes making a "gustar" booklet. Students created complex sentences telling "what" they liked, "when" they liked doing it, "where" they liked doing it and "with whom" they did the activity! By the end of the project, students had produced quite a few lengthy sentences. Prep work included introduction to vocab words and utilizing the dictionary correctly (that in itself is a piece of work!).

In Indian fields we see Lisa Wortley teaching "textear" to her Spanish students. Upon receiving a list of English & Spanish vocab, each student learned different text abbreviations. They then in turn, wrote text conversations on paper, wadded them up to be thrown at someone in the classroom, and answered the ones they received! As a culminating activity, they were given 10 minutes to pair up with someone with a real phone...and text that person in Spanish! W2Go Cherokee!

Hickory Hills:
Debbie De Almeida has already done the prep work and given her first test in Spanish! Students have had the opportunity to talk about the Independence Days and the history behind it. Opportunities for speaking in Spanish and demonstrating what they've learned have followed. Next on the docket - an upcoming country project. You can assume, of course, there'll be TPRS involved in there somewhere!

In class @ Jarrett, French names have been assigned & a rap was made from the names chosen! Students have made a "J'aime/je n'aime pas" booklet to share with one another and they're on their way to performing cafe' skits for the class! With all that Lu Johnson has taught within the first month of school - she also found time to do some videotaping for each individual on introductions, and they've competed against each other in a cutthroat game of Jeopardy! (wonder if they'll compete in the Cranium Bowl this year?) Bring it On, Jarrett Trojans!

-Several exciting activities are occuring in Pirate country. Jasmine Allen has focused on introductions in her Spanish class: where you're from, your name AND how you feel. Importance on Ecuador has been placed as of late and the students seem to really be enjoying what they're learning by diving into the culture.
-Kassi Broihier has just wrapped up introductory conversations and is now moving into Life in the Classroom: numbers, colors, days of the week, etc. All this has been done with a sprinkling of students creating comic strips, smartboard activities as well as TPR. The focus in her room has been on communication as a whole.
-A peek into Kris Morehead's class finds us hearing his student's calling on Google Voice to read him a story in French or leave him a message! All had a lesson on numbers from 1-20 and have moved on to studying the lives of French artists. Students are even offering to teach a lesson on an artist, after doing their own study. The Pipkin Pirates are putting The Louvre to shame!

As of late at Reed Academy, basic sentences have been learned and letters were written to the following hour, folded, then taped underneath their tables. The next hour enters, pulls out the letter from under the table and responds to that 'Pen Pal'. Students are also preparing to load a bus to teach a mini French lesson at Williams Elmty. C'est la vie!