Agenda--Friday, August 13th, Parkview H.S., Room 154
8:00-8:40 Welcome, Introductions, & Icebreaker

8:40 – 9:10 Conferences & District info. (Common Assessments)

9:10 - 9:40 Good Beginnings Discussion

9:40-9:50 Break

9:50--10:00 Standards Based Instruction overview

10:00-10:40 Julie's tips on organization / Hot Topics discussion

10:40-11:30 Exploration of Resources in Language Lab

Icebreaker Activity for New Teachers
Form a small circle. Cut apart questions and lay face down on table. One teacher will begin by drawing the first card, reading it aloud, and answering it. Continue in clockwise direction. The facilitator may deem a question as one that everyone can answer as a way to better know one another.

Good Beginnings PowerPoint
Information from Harry Wong's First Days of School

(This is the same PPt but with light backgrounds to be used if you wish to print handouts of the slides.)

Standards Based Instruction
5Cs explained
3 Modes of Performance/5Cs

Video Segments showing Standards Based Instruction
Performance Assessments-Wisconsin
Annenberg Video Workshops
Annenberg Video --Library of Classroom Practices
Startalk Classroom Video Collection

List of Hot Topics for small group discussion

Good Reads & Other Resources
The Keys To The Classroom - Paula Patrick
See other links to the left on various topics